Sep 16, 2011

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First up Logo development is underway..... what do you say

Sample A

*Not sure how i feel about the colors. What do you think?


  1. Not so much really! Looks sort of busy especially where the spirals lay over the little candies however, I do love the idea of a mouth and your color scheme is chill.But I LOVE eh name!

  2. repost from -Kelly Richardson
    the design is killer* i would say make the colors more bold and with how the tins are in the background of this page. it may make it more vintage european?! i actually really like how the spirals lay over the candies because it makes it stand out and look like licorice

    thanks kelly!

  3. Thinking of making the Big B a little b

  4. Hey, I agree with Kelly, great feedback. And yes perhaps if the colors are altered the spirals lay over the candies will stand out more. Not sure it would resemble licorice so much as salt water taffy...since they have a spiral two to three color pattern...but yes, very yummy