Nov 13, 2015

Gobble Up Fall!

KigsWay licorice is back! Taste like strawberry a and cream and has been a long time customer favorite.

Also we suggest you hurry in for these all natural holiday jelly beans, they are a holiday party in your mouth!

This months art show is by multimedia artist Wendy Fitch. Currently living in portland Wendy enjoys: drawing, painting, costuming, sculpting, songwriting, sign-painting, and jewelry-making, walks on the beach, coloring books, existential crises, making lists, flippant honesty, staring at walls, reading about invertebrates on the internet, being a millennial, and (related) reveling in the absurdity of everything.
        Other things she's done, for money or pleasure: freelance sign painting, graphic design for the AFL-CIO, painting instruments, public art (murals, painting a traffic signal box, painting a plaster train sculpture), commissions, writing, illustrating, and self-publishing a kids book, and doing a bunch of art and non-art-related political activism. She is currently working as head costumer at Fright Town and doing freelance costuming and sign painting. Visit her Website!