Jun 12, 2015

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"Inspired by the amazing body art displayed on the skin of Portlanders, Virginia's most recent pieces were born. Intricately drawn "tattooed cats" morphed and multiplied into dogs and birds. Thus creating: CATTOOS, PUPTOOS and TWEETOOS."

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About the Artist!

Virginia Ashby

 Animal adoring imp spirit Virginia Ashby wraps herself in color and gathers treasures about her like a magpie. Paper, glue, paint, ink and fabric infiltrate her dreams and upon awakening she often disappears on to paper and canvas emerging refreshed and transformed. Traipsing from Ventura CA to Port Townsend WA & now Portland OR, the artist spends her days exploring the rich landscape of the city eating raw carrots, berries and homemade cookies. AKA, Ivy B. Snagihair you can see her work and merchandise on Etsy, Facebook & eBay. Contact via email is welcomed with a grin & a wink: ashbyart@q.com