Feb 25, 2012

Little Wet Boots, Big Warm Smiles!

Finally a day with more kids then adults! Its hard to express how blessed I feel to have such an amazing first month. A big thanks to all who came in!

(He requested Hungarian Candy and smelled every piece first)

(this gentlemen is from Atlanta and knows what he likes!)

The Only thing sweeter then Candy is Friendship!

(she waited so patiently for the bus in the rain, so I had to deliver a puff of fresh air)

(This is Yuki and Yoshida! They have lots to teach me about Japanese candy!)

Feb 23, 2012

Chocolates have Arrived!

Missionary Chocolates can now be found at 
Candy Babel!
Award-winning vegan truffles
Missionary Chocolates began in 2008 when Melissa Berry, a Naturopathic Physician, was in her last year of medical school. What started out as gifts for her vegan mother quickly became a company, as a few months later her dairy-free truffles won first place at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Portland, OR.
This unexpected success changed what was a home-based kitchen experiment in chocolate into a thriving company -- the Mission of the company has always been to build an inpatient, integrative healing center in Portland, funded by chocolate.
We hope you find our allergy-friendly truffles a deliciously good addiction ~ they are just what the doctor ordered!

Stay Tuned in for News on March Chocolate Bunny Making workshops!

Feb 20, 2012

A Taste of Press!

So grateful, and feeling more official!

The results have been great! They come in small packages and leave with big smiles.

Feb 15, 2012

Catch up on Cupids bash and Champaign cupcake conception!

A big hug to all those that came to Candy babels new shop, last night @ 1237 NE Alberta street!

Thanks Again to everyone whom has helped to make the candy shop such a sweet success.

And if you missed last night notice stay updated with our new Twitter account! also @ facebook.com Candybabelpdx@gmail.com

The Candy topped Cupcake 3 Minute Challenge!

The competition was fierce.
Our First Place Winner  "Rat Tale Cupcake" - By Alan

Second Place - was a face so sweet it did'nt last to close up time. "Pretty Girl Cupcake" By Louisa

Third Place goes to "Don't ask Don't tell Cupcake' By Lana 

Forth Place goes to "Love nest Cupcake" By Luke

Fifth Place goes to "Modern Art Cupcake" By Mira

And Last Place goes to "Four Letter Day"  By Amani

Thanks for the flowers Grandma!

Feb 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

TONIGHT 6:30 to 9PM! 
Candy Babel would love to invite you to our very first 
Candy Social!
1237 NE Alberta Street

Enjoy free samples of some of our finest candies form across Scandinavia.

At 7PM be one of the first to compete in our first ever: 
Candied Cup Cake Decorating Competition!

Happy Valentines Day 2012!

Love, Amani

Feb 10, 2012

Come to Candy Babel for the gift that sends real sugar to the one you adore.

We have lots of great vintage packaging for you to pick from then simply fill your pick with our fresh bulk candy you can personal mix.
Free GrapeFruit Sweetie Puff with every purchase this Friday and Saturday only! Supply is limited so hurry in.
Also special hours next week for Valentines Day we will be OPEN TUESDAY 11:30-8pm!

Feb 8, 2012

Shop Set Up Step By Step

First it was Just A gym, But with a will there was a way!

BIG Thanks To:
Rebuilding Center 3625 N Mississippi Ave  Portland, OR 97227 (503) 331-1877 THANKS Myemma, Chris and Ella Rose

Parr Lumber

True Value Hardware 3942 NE MLK BLVD. Portland, OR 97212-1116 THANKS WENDY

 Thanks to Candy Babels Friends Whom Came to Help!


We Have Color in our Flower beds for less then 2.00s and In February no less!
Open daily 10 am - 6 pm. 2915 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.  
Portland, OR 97212 503-294-0769. 

Now its Yall's Turn Come on Dowm to: 1237 NE ALBERTA 10 -6:30 

Grapefruit sweetie puff!

Today special is $1.50 artisan grapefruit cotton candy! Supply is limited so come on down! 1237 NE Alberta street. 10 to 6:30!