Jul 27, 2017

August 2017 - another sweet event!

ART OPENING - August 4th 2017- Reception 4:20 -8:20pm
1219 NE Alberta street, Portland Oregon

Shampton and Shanalee met in a food court at Randhurst Mall in suburban Chicago in the 80s. They did all the things normal suburban weirdos do - hung out in the art room, attended Lollapaloozas, took road trips and traveled the world in search of art. They bought a house, had jobs, realized they weren't put on the earth to pay bills and commute and ditched it all to move to Portland.
Shanalee comes from crafty and learned how to make things very young. Like most teenagers she eschewed her crafty roots in favor of books and boys. She occasionally utilized her craftiness to make gifts for friends and family until she was caught by the craft resurgence of the early 2000's. Finding success but not satisfaction in mixed media art, greeting cards, and bespoke jewelry, in 2013, she returned to embroidery, a craft she learned as a small person, and found she had a real love for it.  She is inspired by everything around her and is always trying to improve her skills and push the craft of embroidery in new directions.
Shampton started pushing pixels at the ripe young age of 6.  Making banners of his favorite bands' logos with Print Shop on the Apple II at Whitman Elementary was his favorite activity. One day, while playing Oregon Trail in the computer lab, 7 year old Shampton was struck with a vision of his future self, making bright pixelated art inpsired by the video games of his youth and the arcades of Portland.