Feb 16, 2017


Candy Babel will be closed 
for a general national peaceful strike 
against President Trump 
on February 17, 2017 - 

We be closed are planning a day of service as we stay dedicated to spreading happiness and quality of life for all.

1. No Ban, No Wall. The Muslim ban is immoral, the wall is expensive and ineffectual. We will build bridges, not walls.

2. Healthcare For All. Healthcare is a human right. Do not repeal the ACA. Improve it or enact Medicare for All.

3. No Pipelines. Rescind approval for DAPL and Keystone XL and adopt meaningful policies to protect our environment. It’s the only one we’ve got.

4. End the Global Gag Rule. We cannot put the medical care of millions of women around the globe at risk.

5. Disclose and Divest. Show us your taxes. Sell your company. Ethics rules exist for a reason and presidents should focus on the country, not their company.

Feb 4, 2017

Cupid is Calling from Candy Babel!

 In Honor of our 5th year of operation were going big on Valentines Day! Come in ASAP to get the largest selection of unique valentines gifts we have had the pleasure of offering!

This Months Featured Artist:  T. Maclean is an underground talent. Her handcrafting reflects her love for all things vintage, whether it’s paper, wood, plastic, glass, beads or shells. She often combines several of these to create functional pieces of art.
This show features her vintage valentines  collection collaged onto various boxes and gift bags.


Candy Babel 

is a gourmet candy boutique
for Everyone, featuring a constantly changing gourmet sweets Selection from artisan candy makers around the world.
Named one of " America's BEST Candy Shops” by Travel and Leisure Magazine, Candy Babel offers a unique range of candies that can be extremely hard to find, such as Violet Crumbles or Jelly Babies and a rack full of 16 of the best black licorices the world has to offer. 

 Loved by Portlanders and tastemakers, Candy Babel candies are affordable and sustainably sold in bulk, perfect for custom gift giving or treating yourself.  
Candy Babel offers a range of personalized services including corporate gifts, custom favors, and private events.
or come in today 
open 12-5 Sun-Thu
12-6 Fri & Sat 
1219 NE Alberta street