Jan 27, 2012

Astor Elementary School Safety Squad Party

These outstanding kids help keep there fellow classmates safe!
With zero incidents last term they earned a treat. These thirty smiles made my day!

Jan 25, 2012

Made in the USA!

Candy babel's vintage scoops are arriving!

and our candy tables showed up as I was at the rebuilding center!
There are five cool pieces!

Jan 19, 2012


Proud to neighbor next to one of the coolest gyms in Portland! 
The Green Micro Gym, where you can work out and create electricity.
Then refuel and reward your self with candy energy!
Candy babel wants to extend a welcome to all the gyms members and will offer:
10% discount to all gym members for the entire month of February! 
Limited to fist visit and applicable to purchases from $10.00 up to $50.00.
I'll be posting Lots more as we develop the interior! So stay posted and come visit us.
Get set for Valentines Day, Opening 2/1/2012!  Monday - Sunday 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
Closed Tuesdays.
 Check back for Pre-Order info to come!
Also stay updated at Candybabel.com


Jan 18, 2012


To taste all the wonderful creations you will have to wait till 2/1/12! However here is some eye candy!
 Sparkling buddah lollipops shown in lime, blueberry, orange and cranberry!


Morrocan Mint Tea Lollipop, Made with love by a micro candy producer from New York, USA.

Looking for something stranger then a Lollipop? Look no further, Candy Babel has just the treat.
 Dark Chocolate Covered Candied Bacon!
Candied Chipotle Bacon! Made in Sonoma, California, USA.

Jan 17, 2012

Getting inspired for the new sign!

Who knew picking a sign and a logo would be the lose ends. Good thing the internet is full of inspiration!

Jan 6, 2012

No Joke the Cat Bought our New Display on Ebay!

So after a six month journey for jars, I found these delightful Argentina Caramelera Candy Store Glass Jars and Rack Display Circa 1950's.

I was hesitant and bid low then went out for a bit, when I came back the screen read "thanks for purchasing" and the kitten had claimed the keyboard for a nap! So must have been a match that had to be, Thanks Shimmy Cat.

Also Etsy wins for shopping with ease! I found three 1930s bubble jars all from three different sellers, one in Fargo, North Dakota, the second in Chicago, Illinois, and the third in Yakima, Washington. Shopping in three different state, (only after exhausting Oregon sources of course.) But happy to be using glass and avoiding off gassing plastics. They remind me of true craftsmanship and  soar above any sweatshop production.

Jan 4, 2012

Help stick your new years resolution

A gilt free snack at only 40 calories each cone!
Creating sweet-treats made without any genetically modified organisms (GMO's), cholesterol, transfats, chemicals, gluten, synthetic flavors or artificial FD&C colorants.

We would love to cater your next event.

 Excepting bookings now just fill out out easy form.