Jul 25, 2012

Candied Bacon is Back!

You know you love it. You still remember waking up to the smell of it cooking on the weekend. You put it on every burger, salad and sandwich you possibly can. How do I know all this about you- a complete stranger? Because I love bacon just as much as you do! Why? Because everything's better with bacon.
What a divine way to spend a buck.
 Sugar, protein and peppers combine to make 8 amazing varieties.

Dark Chocolate Candied Bacon
Dark Chocolate Sweet and Salty! 
Dark Chocolate Chipotle
Dark Chocolate Cayenne
Milk Chocolate Sweet and Salty
Milk Chocolate Chipotle 
Milk Chocolate Cayenne(Spicy!)


The Bakestress at Hash has taken delicious slices of meaty center cut bacon, smothered them mouth watering mixtures of sweet brown sugar and kosher salt, spicy mixtures of brown sugar and barbecue seasonings, and savory mixtures of brown sugar and barbecue seasoning.

Come in to Candy Babel for a Slice of Heaven!

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Jul 14, 2012

Whats New and other News!

NOTICE! 7/14/2012 Candy Babel will Opening at 3:00 and closing at 8:00 PM!

We will be on the Green Bean deck spinning fairy floss to make the day extra sugary and special! Registration for Fairy Day is now full, how every the book shop and candy shop combo is magical on any day. Reading and treating a ripe summer recipe.

Come check out our new vegan Terra Dulce, Sugar Skulls!