Feb 15, 2012

Catch up on Cupids bash and Champaign cupcake conception!

A big hug to all those that came to Candy babels new shop, last night @ 1237 NE Alberta street!

Thanks Again to everyone whom has helped to make the candy shop such a sweet success.

And if you missed last night notice stay updated with our new Twitter account! also @ facebook.com Candybabelpdx@gmail.com

The Candy topped Cupcake 3 Minute Challenge!

The competition was fierce.
Our First Place Winner  "Rat Tale Cupcake" - By Alan

Second Place - was a face so sweet it did'nt last to close up time. "Pretty Girl Cupcake" By Louisa

Third Place goes to "Don't ask Don't tell Cupcake' By Lana 

Forth Place goes to "Love nest Cupcake" By Luke

Fifth Place goes to "Modern Art Cupcake" By Mira

And Last Place goes to "Four Letter Day"  By Amani

Thanks for the flowers Grandma!

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