Mar 10, 2012

SAUSSINE Company of Paris France. Leon Saussine

Many of my Patrons wish to know more about my website and card illustrations.
So I am happy to give credit where it is due. Most of Candy Babel's graphics are inspired by the
SAUSSINE Company of Paris France: Leon Saussine was the creator and producer of a wide variety of games including race games, strategy games, puzzles, card games, questions and answer games, games of skill and shooting, and shadow theatre. He exhibited at the world fair in 1878 as an educational and parlor games publisher. The company continued after his death in 1896 into the early 1900's run by his widow and then his sons
Saussine's patel captures a sense of 20 nostalgia and old world charm Candy Babel aims to offer.
Candy Babel has recently become the proud owner of 10 Original Game Prints,  Soon on display 
 @ 1237 NE Alberta Street.

"Whatever we do, Lets make it fun!"

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