Mar 5, 2012

Can't Help from Smiling!

Back in Stock!
Blue Robbin's Eggs filled with Carmel Bliss!
Pictured here in a lovely
Blue Bird Toffee Tin
Personally I have been collecting these tins for years, each on is a work of art!
Blue Bird Toffee  is a brand of toffee, founded in Worcestershire, England, in 1898 by Harry Vincent. Vincent had similar ideas to Cadbury and the Frys with regards to the workplace being a pleasant environment to work.
Vincent's toffee was originally called Harvino, but after watching Maeterlink's play 'The Blue Bird of Happiness' he renamed the product Blue Bird.
Bluebird Toffee left their West Midlands site in October 1998, and the company now trade in Hull as part of Needler's.
Needler's changes name after acquiring Blue Bird to become Needler Bluebird. In 2002 Needler Bluebird was purchased by Ashbury Confectionery and discontinued all lines previously made by Needler's and Blue Bird.
Ashbury donated the company's collection of historic Blue Bird packaging to the Black Country Living Museum.

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