Apr 4, 2013

Kids and Good Habits - the Money Thing

Hey Kids!

What do you do when Grandma and Grandpa give you birthday money?
Or when you do your chores so you get your allowance?
Do you put it all in your wallet? Do you blow it all at once?
Or do you put it away to save up for something that you really, really want?

Sometimes, we here at the store see some of you come in with what seems like your life savings in your wallet. This is a little scary to us, and we worry you might lose it. Many of you put your wallet down on the counter and walk away so you can use both your hands when you fill your candy bag. This might be okay in our little shop as there is always someone here to help you find it later, but imagine if you did that in a bigger store...  You might never see your wallet again!

Carrying that much money around is risky business. We at Candy Babel think it would be really smart if you talked with your parents about leaving some of your savings at home, safely in a piggy bank. Or, maybe they could even help you get a savings account at a local bank or credit union? We would feel much better if you only brought what you want to spend. Trust us - accidentally loosing all your money feels absolutely awful... Like the old proverb says - Don't put all your eggs in one basket! We're pretty sure your Mom and Dad would agree.

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