Jul 10, 2013

Fairy floss fun in the sun!

This Weekend at Candy Babel 

Friday 7/12/13 

We will be spinning Lavender Cotton Candy

Fun Fact: Lavender: There is nothing like the fresh clean fragrance of old English lavender. The Romans added it to their bath water and placed the flowers among their clothes giving them a fresh scent. Lavender has a sweet taste and can be used to make herbal tea.
Inhaling its fragrance has been said to calm nerves and lift depression. Lavender tea is used for heart palpitations, headaches and insomnia. Lavender oil can treat wounds, ulcers and sores.

 Saturday 7/13/13

We will be spinning Pear Cotton Candy

Fun Fact: The cultivation of the pear in cool temperate climates extends to the remotest antiquity, and there is evidence of its use as a food since prehistoric times. Many traces of it have been found in the Swiss lake-dwellings. The word “pear”, or its equivalent, occurs in all the Celtic languages, while in Slavic and other dialects. According to Pear Bureau Northwest, about 3000 known varieties grown worldwide.

Future flavors: 7/19 Passion Fruit, 7/20 Caramel

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The History:

Machine-spun cotton candy was introduced in 1897 by William Morrison a dentist and inventor along with John C. Warton. The two Tennessee candy-makers invented the world’s first cotton candy machine. photos

In 1904, Morrison and Wharton took their cotton candy, which they called “fairy floss,” to the St. Louis World’s Fair. They sold each box for 25 cents. Though this may not seem like much today, it was half the price of an admission ticket to the fair back then!

Even though people may have thought the candy was expensive, they were willing to pay for it. Morrison and Wharton sold more than 68,000 boxes of fairy floss at the fair.

Though demand was high, the first cotton candy machines were very unreliable. They rattled and frequently broke down. In 1949, Gold Metal Products of Cincinnati, Ohio, introduced a spring base for the machines that helped tremendously, though they still have issue and can breakdown easily as sugar and machinery are a sticky pair.

How it works?

Ever wonder what happens inside the cotton candy machine? First, sugar is melted until it becomes a liquid. Then, the liquid sugar is spun as the machine forces it through tiny holes that shape and cool the liquid. After it cools, the sugar becomes a solid again.

The thousands of tiny crystallized sugar threads are then collected by gently rotating a paper cone around the inside of the machine. Once the puff of cotton candy is just the right size, it’s time to eat!

There is more then one ingredient in cotton candy: though many bases start with sugar, not all sugar is the same. What makes it a non-vegetarian sugar? The refining process. To decolorize the cane, bone char is used as a filter.


 The Future:

The future of Cotton Candy is bright and that Candy Babel has close to 300 flavors we are focusing on appearances.

Check out this video of what we hope to achieve in the next year!

Also if you know anyone that has moves like these send them our way :)

Sweet facts about fairy floss:

  •  Its not a good idea to not make cotton candy in the rain, as it melts to quickly to enjoy its fluffy texture.
  • National Cotton Candy Day is celebrated on November 7 each year, this is the last day of our season.
  • Candy Babels uses only organic dyes to color our floss . 
  • There is about as much sugar in standard cotton candy as in a can of soda.
  • Candy Babels cotton candy is made with vegan sugar. it is gluten free, kosher, and fair trade  and contains less then a table spoon of sugar.

Also Join us for our favorite day--Fairy Day!
Sun, July 28, 1pm – 2pm
We'll be reading fairy stories, building fairy houses out of found materials and do-dads collected at home, and even making our own flowery fairy crowns to take home! Sunday, July 28th @ 1 PM. $10 per child. Due to this event's popularity last year, we ask you to call to prepay and reserve your spot! 503-954-2354.

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