Dec 5, 2013

STOP! Don't buy another gross gingerbread kit again this year, come in to CB for a localy made super delicious vegan Gingerbread trailer kit!

There’s nothing like a gingerbread trailer park competition to get you in the holiday spirit! Candy Babel is Alberta street’s eclectic little five star candy shop hosts this fabulous competition each year. 
Everyone is invited to join but sometimes the trailers get a bit trashy so be warned!

By the way, the only rules for this competition are that the trailers must be made from 90% edible materials. The walls of the Gingerbread Trailer Are produced locally by Sweet Pea, vegan bakery in SE Portland. Along with some candy from Candy Babel is all that is required. Oh and each lot can be no larger”then size of a 6pack of beer cans” of course!

How to submit your trailer to win!

Post on our Facebook page of Instagram #candybabel # gingerbreadtrailerpark

Deadline is Jan 3rd

Kits are 10$ each
We can ship for 16.00!

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