Apr 3, 2015

Last Minute Easter Bunny Business & New Art, @CandyBabel

The 2015 Easter Bunny is hopping closer and closer every day! 

No one wants to be left with an empty basket, and we can help you make sure that doesn't happen! 

Easter is April 5th this year!

Regular hours 12-6pm daily 


Friday, April 3rd 11am - 7pm

Saturday, April 4th 11am - 7pm

Sunday, April 5th 12am - 6pm

4/7/15 - 5/31/15             Mary Ruth Butterworth is an artist that loves to work with various types of materials. Her current focus is painting with acrylics although from time to time she likes to detour into using cut paper and polymer clay. With her work she likes to convey imaginary worlds full of color, fun creatures and interesting characters.

Her influences are many, starting with the three major C’s, cartoons, comic books,
and candy! Artists she’s inspired by are Etienne Delessert, Ed Emberley, and Sue Rose just to name a few.

Mary was born and raised in Martinez, California and lived in Seattle for three years before moving to Chicago with her super cool husband and their awesome pug Enid.
Come Meet The Artist at April 10th at the Opening!!!! 
 buy an original piece of art that guaranteed to make ya smile!

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