Feb 9, 2016

Sweet Love & New Local Art at CANDY BABEL!

Stop in for a valentine treat and check out the fresh local art! 

Artist Reception - 
Thursday February 11th 5-7pm!
Enjoy meeting the artist, have a drink and support all the local goodness we have in store!

The Artist- 

Jennifer A.J. Smesrud

I enjoy drawing and painting people.  I like to document everyday activities as well as urban scenes.   I like creating people that are in their work place as well as just on the street.  I begin to create my pictures with one swoop of the brush, or pen, and then take it from there.  More often than not, the first brush dictates what I am painting.  I love the cleanness of a sharp black pen.  I enjoy watercolors and liquid acrylics.  I have always enjoyed drawing and have been lucky to continue having it as a part of my life both for pleasure and for work.  Outside of my own art I enjoy creating projects with preschool students in the preschool school  I stared 15 years ago, Hands On Art and Play.

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