May 1, 2014

Lets Stop Last Thursday before it bleeds small business dry!

Greetings friends and neighbors!

The city of Portland spent more than $75,000 on Last Thursday in 2013.
In order to keep the peace this year, The city anticipates the cost of over a hundred thousand dollars. Obviously, the city would like to recover some of the cost. This year vendor fees are likely to be implemented first; later, the City will ask that business share some of their profits. Would you like share your profits?

Help me get rid of last Thursday. The thousands of people that trash our neighborhood every month are welcome to visit on another day when they can behave accordingly to the normal rules of polite society. 

This is not the art walk that is sanctioned by the business district! So help us with this and there is sure to be lots of summer fun to be had an Alberta Street!

The city needs to hear from you today,
 tell them how last Thursday affects you?
Write to:
Chad Stover,
Office of Mayor Charlie Hales

Claire Adamsick, 
NE coalition of neighborhoods

Thank you for your time and support Candy Babel
1219 NE Alberta street
Portland OR

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