May 13, 2014

We love candies with quality ingredients, which are simply produced, free of artificial flavors and colors, and especially if they aregluten and dairy free.

Whats new and Available from our friends at Candy Meister and available now at Candy Babel

"We love candies with quality ingredients, which are simply produced, free of artificial flavors and colors, and especially if they are gluten and dairy free. Seeing the smiles of our patrons, whether young or old, or sampling our candies for the first time, makes Candy Meister happy and proud. It reminds them of their own little journey."

"The undertaking of their candy operation was born in 2012 as an idea of two adventurous Germans from Berlin, Elisa and Max. Originally planned as a ‘one-time gig’, they decided to participate at the Vancouver Christmas Market with their ‘Traditional Candy Hut. This is where Candy Babel  fell in love the Meister products."

"Elisa is originally from the former eastern part of Berlin and Max is from the former western part, each of them with their own memories of traditional German candies from their childhood. Those memories were united with the fact that these candies have always been a special treat in the German culture.Hard candies with natural herbal extracts and flavors have been a long lasting tradition in Germany. Every German knows these candies and has their favorite kind.

Elisa and Max took a risk and tried their hand at selling traditional German hard candies 7987 km away from their hometowns in Berlin, Germany all the way in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It turned out to be a brilliant idea! After the overwhelming response at the Vancouver Christmas Market, ‘The Germans’ dreamed of new endeavors to serve more Canadians with more quality candies throughout the year. Candy Meister was born.

Candy Meister wants to offer North Americans a new way to experience candy. Something different from mass-produced sweets that taste nothing but sweet and are made from low quality ingredients. They thoroughly believe in the quality of our suppliers’ products and the focus of incorporating natural ingredients. We are opposed to any genetically modified food products and believe in healthy food products as such. Healthy nutrition includes some sweets as long as they are consumed, as with anything, in moderation.

Most of the candies are produced at the Specialty Candy Factory Whilelm Muller in Duisburg, Germany. This candy producer maintains a candy making family traditions established in 1949. Some of the recipes are over 100 years old and the producer has maintained recipes, techniques and utensils, such original copper kettles to create the unique and delicious candies while preserving the originality, tradition, c
onsistency, and integrity of the tradition.

They invite you to come taste Candy Babel in PDX, the Candy Meister Van in Vancouver BC

Advantages at a glance:

  • Largest variety of all natural hard candies from Germany in North America
  • Convenient ordering online and shipment with Canada Post to your door
  • Gluten-free candy
  • Dairy-free candy
  • Corn-free candy
  • Vegan and vegetarian candy
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